Croop's Glen Park

Croop's Glen Park was located off of Route 11 in Hunlock Creek, near Nanticoke. The park was near a station on the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad. It was opened in 1908 by B. Frank Croop.

The park was along a stream and waterfall, which was the park's main attraction for its first years of operation. In 1926-27, two wooden roller coasters were built, one a full size coaster - named Twister, and one a junior coaster - named Kiddie Coaster. Croop's Glen was also home to a carousel, whip, bumper cars (skooters), a dance pavilion, and a swimming pool.

The park boasted having the first nickelodeon in its first few years of operation. After the addition of the two roller coasters in 1926 and 27, the park expanded its picnic areas, and for the 1928 season advertised parking for 2000 cars.

Croop's Glen survived through the Great Depression, mainly due to church and company picnics and dances. The park fell victim to rising insurance costs and the conservation effort for WWII in 1941. The dance pavilion survived as a skating rink until it burned down in the early 50's.

Knoebels Amusement Park in Elysburg bought the carousel (Stein and Gouldstein) in 1926. The whip, candy cotton stall, and baby aid station were also purchased. All remain in use at Knoebels today.

Little remains of Croop's Glen now. A rusted sign at the entrance and a few remnants of buildings are all that's left.

Below are three images of the roller coasters during construction in November of 1926.

Images courtesy of F. Charles Petrillo

Information obtained from Northeastern Pennsylvania, Feb. 17 1982; various articles from the
Wilkes-Barre Record; Cornerstone, April 28 2002; and Charles Ciesla.

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