Hazle Park

Hazle Park was established by Alvan Markle Sr. in 1861. It served as picnic grounds until 1892 when it became an amusement park. The following year trolley service was introduced allowing larger crowds to visit. People from miles around would flock to the park to boat or swim in the lake, picnic under the groves of trees, walk through the elaborate gardens, and perhaps take in a state of the art amusement ride.

In 1905, a figure eight roller coaster was built, which delighted park vistors until its removal in 1922. Another large attraction in the early years was a vaudeville theater, built in 1909.

The park's big attraction in the later years was the Greyhound, a large wooden coaster of the out-and-back variety, built in the 1920's. Some of the other rides the park had were the Tumble Bug, Scrambler, Airplane Swings, Whip, Carousel, Ferris Wheel, The Old Mill and a Fun House. There were also tennis courts, bicycling, baseball, bowling, swimming and boating in the spring fed lake, an arcade and a grandstand.

Rail service to the park ended in 1933 and C. W. Elrod assumed ownership on May 30 of that year. The Greyhound's last year of service was 1939, and until the park closed in 1956, rides were removed and the land sold. Hazle Park managed to survive the Great Depression and World War II, but fell victim to television and larger parks made accessible by more reliable cars.

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Information obtained from Northeastern Pennsylvania, Feb. 17, 1982.

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