Keystone Park

Keystone Park was located near Sayre, along the Waverly, Sayre and Athens trolley line. The park featured several rides and attractions, including a carousel, dance pavilion, and a figure eight roller coaster. According to Ed Lee, the manager and owner of Sans Souci Park, the coaster ran partly in a natural gully, and the park also featured a summer stock theatre.

The park opened around the turn of the century; certainly no later than 1906. The roller coaster was reportedly operating from at least 1911-1922.

The postcards below show the park entrance, dance pavilion and landscaped grounds. The second to last image is a scene in the grove of trees around the park, showing the carousel on the left side, and the dance pavilion in the rear on the right side. The last postcard shows the summer stock theater. Other postcard images exist of the carousel in detail, and the side friction figure eight roller coaster.

All images from Webmaster's Collection

Information obtained from Northeastern Pennsylvania, Feb. 17 1982; and Incoasterpaedia.

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