Mountain Park

Mountain Park was one of the first amusement parks in Northeastern Pennsylvania, opening to the public on July 14, 1883, one day after the comapny that owned the park, the Central Railroad Of New Jersey, had their company picnic.

The grounds of the park were well kept, being described as a well cultivated garden. Attractions in the earlier years included dancing, bowling and a large observatory to look over the tree tops into the valley below. The park closed in 1908 due to fears of collapses because of the mining operations underneath the park. However, the park was moved about one quarter mile down the mountain, and reopened by the Ogden Brothers and Company in 1912. They added more modern attractions to the park, including a merry-go-round, Ferris Wheel, and roller coaster. However, they couldn't achieve the success of original Mountain Park, and closed after the 1914 season. Many of the parks fixtures, including the picnic tables, benches and possibly some rides were moved to another local park, Valley View, also owned by the Ogden Bros.

Today, the Ogden Bros. version of Mountain Park still has some remnants, located on Wilkes-Barre Mountain near the Seven Tubs Nature Area. Below are some pictures from 2002, showing some of the footers and rock walls amidst the underbrush and trees. Click on the images to view them larger.

**** Please Note****
The specific location of the park will not be disclosed; please do not send an email asking. Most of the land in that area is privately owned, and the hike to the area can be dangerous.

All photos from Webmaster's Collection

Information obtained from "Lost in Time... A Journey to Mountain Park" compiled by the Luzerne County Historical Society; and through submissions from Joel Styer, Gary Looker, and Mark Jarmiolowski.

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