Rocky Glen: Early Years (1885 - 1902)

-- Introduction -- Early Years (1885 - 1902)-- Laurel Line Connection (1902-1903) -- Early Amusements (1903 - 1914) --

The land that Rocky Glen was built on was purchased by a man named Arthur Frothingham at a tax sale in 1885. Frothingham paid the sum of 15 dollars for the approximately 225 acre expanse.

Arthur Frothingham also built a theatre in Scranton, and may have had a hand in helping to develop a section of Green Ridge, a neighborhood in that city.

If the park was open to the public in those early years, it was likely just as a picnic facility, with limited concessions and amenities. It wouldn’t be until around 1900 that Rocky Glen started to become an amusement park.

Just after the turn of the century, Frothingham contracted E.S. Williams to dam Dry Valley Run Creek in order to create a lake at Rocky Glen. However, when the work was completed, Frothingham failed to pay Williams, and he later took half of the property as compensation.

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